Art: Always carry a sketchbook

Art: Always carry a sketchbook

Today I’m travelling to Taree by train to see Robin Norling give a talk tomorrow at Manning Regional Art Gallery where they currently have a retrospective of his work.

In 1993-96 I studied a Fine Arts Diploma at Meadowbank TAFE where Robin Norling was a teacher. He along with Jocelyn Maughan really helped turn me into the artist I am today. They taught the traditional skills of sketching, life drawing and painting. These skills I call on every time I illustrate books, cartoon for the paper and paint artworks for exhibitions.

The other great lesson was imparted on me was always sketch book and draw as much as possible. Thanks to their tutelage I always travel with a sketch book and always draw.


Sometimes I draw from real places from memory. I find it helps to capture the feeling of the place as in Umbi Gumbi a South coast communal property. It’s entrance is an archway of trees which always felt like you were entering a magical forest.


Sometimes I draw from reality because I often feel photography can’t capture the feeling and charm of many of the places and things I want to depict.