Cartoon for the Greens

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Cartoon for the Greens

I drew this cartoon June 2016 after 15 years of renting and 5 years of attending auctions where investors over bid for houses which families could only ever dream of. The Greens used it to promote their affordable housing policies on social media for the 2016 federal election.


“There are 90,000 vacant homes in greater Sydney – enough to house every homeless person in the city. 60% of people in Sydney are renters.

Houses are homes, not tax havens.

The Greens are committed to affordable housing. We will improve renters rights, get rid of negative gearing and reform capital gains tax discounts. We will stand up for communities in Millers Point and Waterloo, increase social housing and ensure that public land is used for public benefit.

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Thanks to Joel Tarling for the wonderful cartoon. You can check out more of his work at

Sylvie Ellsmore – Sydney Greens