78rpm record sleeve design: Mic Conway’s National Junk Band

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78rpm record sleeve design: Mic Conway’s National Junk Band

A pozible project for Mic Conway’s National Junk Band’s single to produce a 78 RRM record with 45 RPM on the flip side. I was fortunate to be asked to create the artwork for this wonderful project from sleeve to the record label logo. It was a pleasure working with Mic and the music sounds wonderful.

For inspiration Mic lent me some of his 78 record cover sleeves. It was great to have these to look at when working out the look and feel and also for creating my hand drawn font. There were many drafts but each time we got closer and closer until we were just adding little embellishments such as  MADE BY COO-EE.

Once the design was settled our next problem was finding a printer. The commercial printers were way too expensive or they only printed standard size record sleeves. Luckly Mic’s talented wife Ro Cook is a screen printer and she screen printed them.  She did an amazing job and the hand printed quality really complements the hand drawn artwork.

When I was 16 listening to Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band I dreamed of designing a vinyl record for Mic but I never imagined it would actually come true so I am a very happy man.

78RPM /45RPM records are sold at gigs 

Mic Conway78_COO-EEvinyl_2 Mic Conway78 Mic Conway78_COO-EE