Making “When You Stay In Hospital”

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Making “When You Stay In Hospital”

I met Miriam Cromie the Music Play Therapist and the writer of this book when my child was in ICU at Westmead Childrens Hospital. Miriam would sing and play guitar while to our daughter on life support. Our little baby would, clapped her hands and for a brief moment we forgot about hospital.

Miriam mentioned she wanted to make a fun picturebook for children to understand Nurses obs (which is the gathering of information to the monitor patient recovery). I thought this was a really wonderful idea and something close to my heart so I’d love to illustrate it, so we applied for a small grant and we published it through theThe Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Every element of our story was checked by professional Nurses, so it was the real deal we were depicting.

We also intentionally wanted the illustrations to represent to represent a more a realistic representation of Multi Cultural Australian society by depicting a variety of genders, body shapes and cultural diversity to hopefully create a inclusive story for so everybody can feel included.

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See the book sung byMiriam Cromie on Youtube here