I was just out of Art school doing odd jobs and my friend Matt offered me some work, building stone steps for a property at Cottage Point. I have always enjoyed landscaping with stones, so I jumped at the opportunity.

The stones for this particular job were all gathered from the site. Experience has taught me, when working with stones it should be within a 5-1o metre radius from were I want to use it. By doing this the stones will suit the environment and I won’t break my back moving them around.

To my joy, I also discovered stones are a lot lighter to move underwater. So I used this to my advantage and saved a lot of time. The time I saved making the steps, I used to landscape underwater, creating a small oyster-free cove for launching a row boat or a place to swim. It wasn’t until I’d gone home, they went down a had a closer look and realised what I’d created for them. A functional and subtle design which the fish also loved.