Louisa Lawson printing Australia’s first female-produced journal, The Dawn, which she founded in 1888. I admire theDIY attitude of Louisa and her all-female team of editors and printers (very controversial at the time!). NSW women only gained the right to vote in 1902, 14 years after they first published. I wanted to create an image which depicts the joy these women must have felt at having an independent outlet to express themselves.

I first heard about Louisa Lawson only recently, whilst watching Federation: Australia’s journey to nationhood. She was a fascinating person: publisher, journalist, feminist, poet and the mother of Henry Lawson.

Plus while researching her background I discovered she had lived on Renwick St, Marrickville, only a few streets away from where I live. Wow! I’d love to read her biography. She’s an important part of Australian history. I’d also love if the opportunity arose to illustrate her amazing story.