Slowfox wine label art and branding

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Slowfox wine label art and branding

Earlier this year an old friend of mine Kate posted on Facebook she needed a new name for a micro winery she ran in Mudgee with her partner. I thought this was a fun challenge. Despite the fact that I was actually at the beach with my four year old daughter, I set about brainstorming ideas while building sandcastles and this is how I came up with the name Slowfox Wines.

Kate and her partner loved the name and asked me to also design the label. So back at home in the studio I roughed out various sketches and oddly enough the one which really said ‘hand picked fruit and micro winery‘ was drawn quickly with a waxy pencil. This was very different to my usual style of illustration but I was really happy with the results.

The font was created from Kate’s own handwriting. I felt design wise my hand drawn art and Kate’s beautiful handwriting style complemented each other and embodied the look and feel of a Mudgee small wine producers wine.

For more information about Slowfox wines see link


Slowfox wines Shiraz

Original Joel Tarling pencil sketch