Water sensitive city – Blacktown City Council and Wave Consulting

Water sensitive city – Blacktown City Council and Wave Consulting

Working directly with Wave Consulting and Blacktown City Council I created environmental illustrations for  Six streams  ‘water sensitive’ city document for Blacktown City.

This was a very satisfying freelance illustration job. I enjoyed working closely with Rob Catchlove, Director at Wave Consulting Environment Scientist and Nerida Taylor at Blacktown City Council.  This was a collaboration of their academic knowledge of Environmental Scientist and my creativity to reproduce it visually.

Six Streams document summary:
This document, titled Six streams, is our Integrated water strategy. It reviews all elements of the urban water cycle, and sets out a strategic approach to managing water, in partnership with other agencies, to create a more liveable city, with specific targets to be achieved by 2036. This strategy was developed through in-depth consultation within Blacktown City, and in consultation with external stakeholders and the community. The vision in this strategy is for Blacktown City to become a ‘water sensitive’ city; a city that;

• uses water in an efficient and smart way
• recognises water can improve the local amenity and combat urban heat
• has highly valued waterways
• recognises the role of water in creating high quality open spaces and that water can be used to create vibrant precincts.


Illustrations process:

Early Wacom rough sketch

Second rough sketch adding feedback from the team and specific Environmental Scientist details.

Final coloured sketch