Phantom Show Australian Galleries

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Phantom Show Australian Galleries

When Peter Kingston asked me to be in the Phantom show I was extremely honoured. Kingston is one of my favourite artist’s. I love his style and how he beautifully depicts a gentle joy of life. It was also a great honour to be exhibitioning along with 40 other amazing artists such as Reg MombassaGarry SheadElisabeth CummingsDick Frizzell and to top it off all I had to do was pay homage to one of my favourite childhood comic book heroes The Phantom.

I discovered the joy of reading The Phantom as a kid in the 1980’s. During this time the publishers re-issued the 1930’s Phantom comics illustrated by Ray Moore. Moore’s depiction of the Phantom is my favourite Phantom. His Phantom is a very fit and healthy hero who relies on his wits and bravery to defeat the baddies. Moore had a beautiful drawing style with a distinct slashing pen work which gave an energy and flow to the stories, which I also loved.

Phantom Show exhibition was such a success it became a travelling show Australian Galleries Sydney 2014, Wollongong Art Gallery 2015 and Art Space Mackay 2015.


 Shine Your Light (360mm x 255 acrylic on canvas 2014) by Joel Tarling


 Phantom Ukulele (520mm x 170mm acrylic on a ukulele 2013) by Joel Tarling


 No Devil (130mm x 90mm lithograph 1995) by Joel Tarling
inspired by a Peter Kingston Ceramic artwork I’d seen on Martin Sharp’s Mantel piece


 Original pen sketch Shine Your Light by Joel Tarling